Lip, Labret, + Philtrum

Labret – A classic lip piercing, the labret sits under the bottom lip and is centered. Although it’s called a lip piercing, the labret doesn’t actually touch the lip. 

A flat disk at the rear of the jewelry sits in the mouth just in front of the lower teeth, stopping the jewelry from falling out or being displaced. On the outer, visible part of the labret, there is a jewel or a metal ball of various shapes and sizes. 

Only a labret should be placed in a fresh lip piercing. But 4 to 6 months after the labret is pierced and provided it’s healing well, a lip ring can replace the bar labret jewelry.

 For a fresh lip piercing, a 10 to 12-mm labret is best as this size accounts for any swelling. After 2 to 4 weeks after the piercing, the labret should be changed to a shorter one to avoid any stretching or distortion at the puncture site, as well as to ensure comfortable and quick healing.

Vertical labret – A variation on the labret, the vertical labret is a lower lip piercing outside the mouth. Only a banana bar can be installed in this piercing and it’s best to use an 8 to 10-mm bar. 

Although there’s no need to replace the banana bar the piercer puts in, there are plenty of different styles and options. In our store, you can choose a banana bar style you like from our extensive range.

Monroe – Named after Marilyn Monroe, the Monroe piercing is essentially a labret, the only difference is its placement. The Monroe is placed off-center and above the upper lip to mimic the star’s famous beauty mark.

 Medusa/Philtrum – An upper lip piercing in the middle. With this type of piercing, you can choose appropriate jewelry of absolutely any shape and size, including gauges. The larger the style, the more interesting your lip piercing will look!

Four to 6 months after you’re pierced and provided you’re healing well, you can wear a ring or change your jewelry.

Smiley – The most painless and safe type of lip piercing. When a smiley is punctured, the frenulum under the upper lip is pierced, and there are practically no nerve endings here to cause pain.

Ornaments for this piercing can be circular jewelry or a ring. As a ring, you can choose between a clicker ring, a BCR ring, or a segment ring. Any circular jewelry is suitable, the main thing is that it should not have any sharp edges. A banana bar as a decoration for a smiley is absolutely not suitable.

The most convenient size for a smiley piercing is 8 mm, but it depends on your anatomy. If the gums are situated high, then it’s better to choose a 10-mm piece.

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