Collection: Nose Piercing

You can pierce the nose in various places, but here we’ll look at the most classic choices: the nostril (wing of the nose), the septum, and the bridge.

The wing of the nose is the most popular and sought-after piercing of all time. Nowadays, nose piercings with a ring have gained particular popularity. Just remember that a ring cannot be installed in a fresh cartilage puncture. 

Instead, a labret is used for fresh piercings or a dedicated D-ring. We stock these special D-rings rings that can be safely installed in a fresh nose piercing.

The septum is a piercing that blew up the charts in terms of popularity among piercers! The puncture is painless, heals easily and quickly, looks unusual and you can choose a wide variety of jewelry. Complete healing takes around 2 to 3 months.

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