Ear Piercings

The ear is the most long-suffering part of the body for piercing lovers because it can be pierced almost anywhere. There are more than 15 types of ear piercings: there is the lobe, various cartilage piercings, ear curls, and tunnels. 

Even the earlobe can be pierced in different places and in a variety of ways, for example, an earlobe piercing can be horizontal. Types of ear piercing include:

  • Classic earlobe piercing
  • Additional earlobe piercings
  • Tunnels
  • Auricles
  • Tragus
  • Conch
  • Anti-tragus
  • Snug
  • Daith
  • Forward helix
  • Helix
  • Flat
  • Pinna
  • Rook

Our earring collection offers you the newest look! We’ve recently updated our inventory with new styles and colors in ear piercing jewelry to choose from. We’ve a wide range of options that will give your ear piercing collection a new zest.

Why buy Ear Piercing Jewelry from us?

  1. World of designs: Our ear-piercing jewelry has an uncanny ability to draw attention. Our ear piercings include anodized ear piercings, gold, silver and titanium  earrings. We have a myriad of designs that make you look funky, classy and elegant. 
  2. Classic pieces: Our 14k gold earrings are 925 sterling silver earrings are the classiest options. They are just perfect for special occasions and updos.  
  3. Environment-friendly options: As we become more ecologically conscious, we have started adding nature-friendly jewelry to our inventory.  
  4. Foolproof: Our ear piercing jewelry line is completely classy and matches with the current trends. We have a number of styles so that you have numerous options for each occasion—you can dress them for a party night or wear them while you wish for a coffee date.
  5. Unique Designs: Our design team has revolutionized the classic designs with their expertise to make each piece a symbol of perfection.     

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