A piercing that is actually two ear cartilage piercings united by one piece of jewelry: a barbell. This puncture should be made at 90 degrees in relation to the tissues, the only way to ensure healthy and fast healing of the puncture wound. 

The industrial is one of the most difficult types of piercings to heal, as injuring one puncture inflames both. To mitigate this, the primary bar should be only 2 to 4 mm larger than the ear so it doesn’t cling to your hair and so on, but there’s still room to accommodate any swelling.

After the industrial piercing is completely healed, we recommend changing the barbell, which will place the jewelry closer to the ear. The bar must be made exclusively of titanium or gold. If titanium, it is best to anodize it.

We stock classic industrial piercing rods and carry a wide variety of inserts and decorations.

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