Dydoe Piercing - Everything You Need to Know

Dydoe Piercing - Everything You Need to Know 

Dydoe piercing is a male genital piercing that has gained popularity for its unique aesthetic appeal. Named after the Yoruba word for ‘father,’ dydoe piercings are celebrated as creative jewelry choices. It involves the insertion of small-gauge jewelry through the ridge of the penile corona, creating a bold look. 

This article explores the procedure, aftercare, and many other aspects of dydoe piercing, so keep reading till the end to make up your mind. 

What is Dydoe Piercing? 

Dydoe piercing involves creating a fistula that goes through the glans, starting from the lower edge of the penis’s head and continuing to the middle of the glans. Those interested in extreme body modifications can also opt for double and triple dydoes around the head of their penis.

Double Dydoe Piercing 

Double dydoe piercing perforates the penile ridge just below the glans and has also captured the attention of many. In this configuration, two fistulas sit parallel to each other on the penis’s head.

When it comes to jewelry of double dydoe piercing, captive bead rings and curved barbells are popular choices, as they accommodate the curvature well. Ensure the jewelry size matches your anatomy to prevent discomfort. Moreover, opting for high-quality materials like titanium or surgical steel minimizes the risk of irritation or allergic reactions.

Experimenting with unique designs or gemstone embellishments can personalize the look during the healing process. 

Jewelry Used for Dydoe Piercing 

The jewelry used in dydoe piercing depends upon the area being pierced. The following are the usual choices in this regard:

  • The circular barbell is a horseshoe-shaped ring with removable beads on both ends. 
  • A captive bead ring is a circular ring with just one removable bead where the two ends join. 
  • Straight barbell with removable beads at both ends. 

Preparing for Dydoe Piercing 

Since dydoe piercing is a sensitive procedure, you need to prepare beforehand. You must stay healthy and disease-free during the healing process. Moreover, it’s also critical to stay away from alcohol and recreational drugs 24 hours before your appointments to ensure there is no clotting and minimal bleeding.

Eat a healthy and fulfilling meal before your appointment to stabilize your blood sugar levels. Be mentally prepared and understand the significance of dydoe piercing before pulling the trigger.

Dydoe Piercing Procedure 

If the area is too pronounced, forceps are deployed to secure the tissue, which could feel pinchy. A needle-receiving tube (NRT) is also sometimes used at the exit point as an alternative strategy.

This piercing requires a highly skilled piercer with stable hands, great eyesight, and quick execution. They begin by marking the spots that must be pierced in perfect symmetry. It’s preferable to apply local anesthesia to minimize pain during the process.

Moreover, the piercer uses sterilized equipment and follows strict hygiene protocols. The exact pain levels vary, but most people describe dydoe piercing as sharp, pinchy sensations that last for a few moments. 

Dydoe Piercing Pain 

It’s natural for any piercing to hurt, as is the case for dydoe piercing. Some people report it to be the most painful piercing they have ever experienced, which is important to remember for those planning to get it. One peculiar thing about it is that, like nipple piercing, the second piercing hurts more than the first one after adrenaline has subsided.

A silver lining is that you might not feel any pain directly after the piercing is over, unlike the dull pain that lingers in other piercings. While it would be sore, it won’t be as bad as other piercings. 

Healing the Dydoe Piercing 

Taking care of the dydoe piercing during its healing period is important since it has a significant chance of rejection and migration. Always keep an eye on migration signs, and if you feel like there is a rejection, get the piercing removed as soon as possible. Otherwise, you’ll have an ugly scar on your penis’s head. 

Ensure you don’t touch the piercing during its healing phase to avoid migration. Moreover, try wearing loose clothes, so you don’t apply any pressure on them. You can have an active sexual life only when the piercer allows you, but be gentle to avoid extra pressure. 

Is Dydoe Piercing Suitable for You? 

Determining the suitability of a dydoe piercing involves considering both personal preferences and your unique penile anatomy. Variations in size and shape can impact the feasibility and comfort of the piercing. Typically chosen for aesthetic reasons, dydoe piercings may appeal to those seeking unique self-expression in an intimate context.

However, genital piercings can be more discomforting than others, so it’s crucial to assess your pain threshold. Hygiene and aftercare diligence are also crucial to avoid complications in the healing process. Moreover, consult an experienced professional piercer who can provide personalized advice based on your anatomy. 

How Long Does Dydoe Piercing Last? 

The longevity of a dydoe piercing depends on various factors, including individual healing processes, aftercare adherence, and lifestyle. On average, it takes several months to heal with proper cleaning and care.

However, factors like anatomy, immune system response, and lifestyle choices can influence the duration. Regular check-ups with a professional piercer and maintaining good genital hygiene contribute to its longevity, too. While some individuals enjoy their dydoe piercings for years, others may decide to retire them based on lifestyle changes.

Benefits of Dydoe Piercing 

Dydoe piercings offer both aesthetic and sensory benefits. Aesthetically, the placement on the ridge of the penile corona contributes to a distinctive look. Sensory benefits include heightened pleasure for the wearer and their partner as the jewelry interacts with nerve-rich areas. Some individuals find that the added stimulation enhances intimate experiences.


The visual impact and potential sensory enhancements make dydoe piercing a compelling choice for many. It is a testament to how individuals choose to celebrate their bodies and express their identities.

However, it should only be tried after considering individual anatomy, pain tolerance, and commitment to aftercare. Moreover, having a well-reputed piercer with considerable experience is also crucial for accurate piercings. If you're concerned about the effects of dydoe piercing on your body health, consult a healthcare professional.

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