Christina Piercings - A Detailed Exploration

Christina Piercings - A Detailed Exploration

Named after the anatomical location it embellishes, the Christina piercing is a surface piercing that enhances the pubic region's aesthetics. It is one of those piercings that don't mainly focus on sexual pleasure. Moreover, it is unique in its placement, too, above the vulva where the labia meet.

It extends vertically through the mons pubis and looks similar to a belly button piercing with a different location. This write-up will answer all your burning questions, including the piercing process, pain management, aftercare, and much more. After reading this guide, you'll be able to make up your mind regarding Christina piercing.

Considerations Before Christina Piercing 

Christina piercing isn't suitable for everyone, as organs have different shapes and sizes. Some women have more expansive space on the pubic mound (above the clitoris), while others are much more constrained. Therefore, before you decide to get a Christina piercing, it's essential to understand if it suits your body. The best way to find out is by consulting a piercing professional who can check the surface area. 

The Christina Piercings Procedure 

The Christina Piercing procedure involves vagina piercing with a 10 to 14-size barbell. Moreover, gem balls prevent it from sliding from both sides. The bigger one is almost always placed on top for aesthetic appeal.

Here's how Christina Piercing is performed:

  • The piercer scrubs and cleans the vaginal area.
  • Piercing spots are marked.
  • The main part comes where the piercer inserts the needle and places jewelry inside it. 
  • Once the procedure is completed, the piercer will clean the blood and hand you some important instructions.

How Painful is Christina Piercing 

Since this piercing takes place in an area with dense tissues, many women say they don't feel much pain. While there definitely is some discomfort at first, it subsides quickly.

However, it is pretty common for the piercing site to inflame. Therefore, you must be careful during the healing process to avoid mishaps. If you develop infections during healing, consult your piercer and a healthcare professional immediately. 

The Healing Process 

While other piercings take 2 months to heal, Christina piercing takes around 6 months, a considerably more extended period. It's important to take care of the pierced area and stick to the guidelines provided by the piercer.

You must clean the piercings twice a day with a sterile saline spray. It's also essential to avoid clothing that might snag the jewelry, as it causes pain and might lead to infections. Keep the piercing as dry as possible, which also involves staying away from swimming pools and beaches.

Moreover, avoid all kinds of friction, especially those resulting from sexual intercourse. If you cannot commit to these guidelines, then you can get another piercing in its place after consulting with the piercer.

Use a mild antibacterial soap for cleaning the area. However, it's better to avoid showering for the first two weeks, especially in warm water, which can introduce bacteria and cause infection. If you feel crusty or dry blood on it, use a damp cotton wool ball to remove it.

Best Materials for Christina Piercing 

When choosing materials for Christina Piercing, keeping body safety in mind is crucial. Here are the best choices in this regard:

  • Surgical stainless steel is considered safe for most people. It's also affordable, durable, and hypoallergenic, making it a no-nonsense choice.
  • Titanium is an extremely light material that is perfect for those who want to have minimum pain during the healing process. Moreover, it's hypoallergenic, which minimizes the chances of infections. 
  • Some people also choose gold for its beauty. However, going for 14k or 18k gold is better to avoid infections and irritation. 

Best Jewelry for Christina Piercing 

A curved barbell is the most popular choice for Christina piercing, as it fits well with the overall vaginal aesthetics. However, it's not the only choice, and most women get it customized according to their anatomy. It's crucial to know the exact length of barbell needed for the piercing so that it fits you well during the process.

Another option is a surface bar, but women use it rarely. One significant advantage of using it is that it reduces the chances of rejection by your body.

Benefits of Christina Piercing 

As mentioned in the beginning, this piercing is mainly for aesthetic purposes, not sexual pleasure. That's because it doesn't sit close enough to the clit to cause any sexual sensations. Those who want pleasant sexual sensations should instead opt for clitoris piercing.

However, other benefits definitely make Christina piercing worth it. While it's not directly sexual, Christina piercing can raise your sexual confidence and make you feel better during intercourse overall. Having a positive self-image is pretty vital for reducing stress and having more pleasant intercourse.

The piercing is also beneficial for your partner, as some people get aroused simply by seeing a vaginal piercing. Similarly, they might also enjoy oral sex more by stimulating your piercing. And since you're also more confident, both can enjoy a more passionate sexual experience.

Changing the Jewelry 

Changing Christina piercing doesn't require visiting a piercer; you can do it yourself once it is properly healed. However, most people still want their piercer to do it for them the first time. It makes learning the process easier and helps them when they want to do it later. You must not remove the jewelry while the piercing is still healing, as it can lead to excessive bleeding and infections.

Retiring Christina Piercing 

If you're considering retiring your piercing, clean it regularly with a saline solution until it heals completely. Once you retire the piercing, you'll have a mark on that area, which is visible only if completely shaved.


Christina piercing is an attractive option for those who lean heavily toward aesthetics and want to elevate their sexual game. It not only exudes confidence but also pleases your partner.

However, it's important to understand your anatomy and choose the right piercer for the job. Aftercare is an integral part of this process, which requires regular attention. Choose Christina piercing once you're fully prepared and enjoy the benefits that come with it.

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